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Whipped African Shea Butter - 100% Natural -Creamy and Soft

Whipped African Shea Butter - 100% Natural -Creamy and Soft


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    Product of Northen Gana

    African Shea butter is made from the nut of Africa Shea tree. It contains a rich amount of irremovable fatty acid which makes it extemely superior to cocoa butter and other natural butter. 

    The fatty acid is crucial in rejuvanting and moisturizing the skin Shea butter provides all the essential citamin needed to make skin look and fells smoother, softer and healhier. 

    Its therapeutic properies protect the skin from cold, sun, and heals wouds faster.  She butter stimutes celluar activity, fith the effect of afing andrpairs damages skin

    Treats dry skin , ecszma and miror burn 

    Relief pain from swelling and arthritis 

    Improves muscle relation and stiffness 

    treat dark spots, skin descoloration, stretch marks wrinkles and blemishs

    Massage, diaper rash and as hair conditioner

    used as sunscreen due to it rich contec of viamin # & F 

    Shea Butter does not expire. store in a cool dry place